Score Training

Ref/Scorekeeping/Line Judge training:  Every team is required to work as Referees, Scorekeepers and Line Judges for other teams throughout the season. We train our athletes at the club, but you may still have questions. Please visit the link below to access these training videos.

Here’s the link: 

Click on the following titles and press play. You will also need a non-deciding scoresheet, a deciding scoresheet, a Libero control sheet and Lineup Sheet printed out before you begin.

  1. Scoring Basics: Non-Deciding Set – 20 min
  2. Scoring Deciding Set – 12 Min
  3. Libero Control – 16 min
  4. Junior Second Referee Clinic – 22 min
  5. Junior Line Judge Clinic – 10 min
Thank you for taking the time to watch the videos. You will now enjoy a much better experience at the score table.


Good Luck!